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Professional, reliable, City and Guilds qualified, multi award winning, recommended by vets, holistic, cage free with over 50 years in business...

For more than 60 years Dandini's Dog Grooming has been grooming dogs and cats in the Portsmouth area.  While our dog grooming business may be half a century old, our techniques are right up to date!  That’s why Hampshire dog owners travel to Dandini’s - they want their dogs to be well-groomed, and well cared for, by professional groomers in relaxed surroundings.

While many of us Google ‘dog groomer near me’ when searching for a business that can take care of our matted dog or hair balled cat, what most of us want is for our pets to be happy as well as perfectly groomed.  This is why not only do we strive to create the perfect haircut, but we also have created a free roaming salon which gives your dog a much more relaxed grooming experience.  

We also have the years of experience to be able to provide more specialised services such as hand-stripping, creative grooming and cat grooming, so that any grooming service that you require can be provided at a good level of quality and expertise.

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Dog Grooming

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Cat Grooming

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Why Choose Us?


At Dandini's not only do we have years of experience under our belt but we also believe in a truly holistic approach to dog grooming.  We will go above and beyond to make sure you are getting the best dog grooming service around.  

  • We use only the best 100% natural products on the animals we groom.

  • We take the whole condition and personality of the animal into account when grooming.

  • We ensure that we provide a calm, friendly environment - we don’t use cages unless clients suggest them.  Our salon is fully air conditioned and we offer a secure outside space for dogs who prefer to relax in the open air before or after grooming.  All areas are covered by CCTV.  And, of course, fresh water is available at all times.

  • We have a strong focus on qualifications and further training to stay on top of the latest grooming techniques and dog and cat care - every Dandini's groomer in the salon is qualified and equipped to produce a happy, well-groomed pet.  However this does not stop us learning......there is always something new to learn, regardless of how long we have been grooming dogs.

  • We believe in and sell only natural products: shampoo, alternative remedies for skin conditions, treats and foods and only tried and tested grooming equipment.

In addition to dog grooming, we strive to offer the perfect solution to all your pet needs - that’s why we offer a pick up and drop off service for grooming appointments and have a selection of local dog sitters and dog walkers whom we can confidently recommend for walking and daycare.

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