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Dog Grooming

In Portsmouth


Be a Dandini's Dog Package!

Want your dog to be a dandinis dog?  Then this is the service for you! 

It includes two washes in our natural shampoo, a blow-dry and the clip of your choice whether it be to the breed standard or a trim tailored to your lifestyle or your own unique preference.  We believe the customer deserves to get the style and length that they wish, so as long as the dog coat is in a suitable condition we will always strive to give your dog the haircut you have asked for.

This package also includes nail clipping, ears cleaning and plucking, a blueberry facial scrub, with a bow and a spritz of your choice to finish to groom and make your dog a dandinis dog!

Prices start at £50

Dandini's Puppy Package

Give your dog the best start - as a Dandinis Puppy!

Its very important to introduce your dog to the grooming process as early as possible to get it used to the sights and sounds of a parlour and we want your puppy’s first groom to be a relaxing  and enjoyable experience.  Bring them to us as soon as they are allowed out for their first bath and tidy and we’ll provide a great grooming experience plus lots of love and cuddles! 

This specialist package includes a tidy up on face, feet, tail and hygiene area as well as clipping puppy toenails and cleaning and plucking ears. Finished off with our signature bow and spritz of fragrance.

Prices start at £40



Offering this service to any breed suitable for this service, such as terriers, schnauzers and spaniels

Each dog will be assessed to see if its coat is suitable so we would recommend bringing your dog in first before booking an appointment.  We recommend hand-stripping to be carried out every 4-12 weeks depending on breed and the time between grooms will vary from dog to dog depending on its coat.  

Hand-stripping is a very labour intensive technique and takes longer than a clipped style.   All the dog groomer stylists at Dandinis have undertaken further training in this field to make sure we can provide a lovely finish to your hand stripped groom.  We are experienced at hand-stripping, from stripping pet dogs to maintaing and preparing dogs for shows.

Prices start at £70

De-shed Dandini's Package 1 : Bath, Brush and Tidy

For double-coated breeds such as German Shepherds and Collies

Double coated breeds tend to get forgotten about when it comes to grooming but are still very important.  A lot of people ask about having their double-coated breeds clipped, but we strongly advise against this as their hair will grow back a lot thicker and it can ruin their coat.  It is a myth that clipping a dog will keep a dog cool. 

Double-coated breeds need all the dead hair and undercoat  removing to help the air circulate through the coat and keep them cool. This also reduces the amount of moulting at home.  A Dandini groomer will also tidy their feathers and feet with scissors, clipping nails and cleaning the ears.  Finished off with our signature bow and fragrance spritz.

Prices start at £60


De-shed Dandini's Package 2 : Bath and Brush

For smooth coated dogs such as Labradors, Pugs and Basset hounds

Short haired dogs such as Pugs and Labradors shed their coats continuously and a bath and brush out using tools such as a furminator will dramatically reduce shedding at home.   This service also includes nail clip, ear clean and a blueberry facial scrub. Finished off with our signature bow and spritz of fragrance.

Prices start at £40

Discount Grooming 

Book your dog in to be groomed by a student and receive 25% off the cost of the groom.

Although we require a variety of dogs for our students to learn on priority will be given to those clients who like their dogs styled to a breed standard.  Working towards passing their level 3 in dog grooming our adult learners are supervised at all times.  All trims are checked over by one of our fully-qualified tutors.


Wash and Go

Maintenance bath and brush - to save you the job.

Do you struggle to keep your dog clean and knot free in between grooms?  We sympathise - and we know it doesn’t make you a bad dog owner!  Dog grooming costs can be a consideration, which is why we make it easy to give your dog a great grooming experience at a cost you can afford.

We are here to help stay on top of tangles, so Dandinis offers a maintenance programme for regular customers at a discounted rate when booked alongside their 6 week to 2 month regular grooms.  Dogs receive  two washes in our premium hypo-allergenic shampoo and a brush out of dead hair and knots or matting.  hair between the eyes, around sanitary area and pads will be trimmed if required. 

Prices start at just £25

Teeth cleaning

We offer a teeth cleaning and plaque removal service, either as an add-on to a groom or for an external client booking separately.

This state of the art ultrasonic cleaning treatment is great for dogs where the plaque build up is not so bad that the dog needs to be treated by a vet or where the dog is too old to be given an anaesthetic.  

Please note: we cannot treat dogs whose teeth are loose or where gum disease is present.  In such situations we would strongly advise you to consult with your vet. There will always be some dogs who will not allow us to carry out this procedure, in which case, a we would again advise treatment by a vet. 


Price : Initial treatment between £30 top up treatments from £15


Call 02392 661 254 for more information of to book an appointment

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