Cat Grooming

In Portsmouth

Grooming cats is just as important as dogs.  They can easily become matted if not brushed and combed regularly and their coats get greasy from their saliva by their constant self grooming.  It is a myth that cats clean themselves, and don’t need regular visits to a groomer, like dogs. 
We offer a range of services for your cat whether it be short or long haired, and all products used are 100% natural.

cat bath and brush

Bath and Brush out

Prices start at £50

Bath and brush outs are designed to keep on top of the knots and remove any dead hair or debirs from the coat, so you can keep your cat in tip-top condition and avoid it having to be clipped.  They are given two washes in our natural cat shampoo. Then it is thoroughly combed through whilst being dried.  Their ears and eyes are cleaned and their nails are clipped.  Their sanitary areas are clipped out if requested.  Recommended at 6 weekly intervals.


Clipping services

Prices start at £85

We can clip a matted coat or clip your cat into a desired trim to help avoid matting.  A lion trim is a popular choice where the body is shaved off with mane, boots and tail left.  For a cat with a well maintained coat we also offer the option of taking some length off all over the body if preferred to a lion trim.   All grooms includes a bath, dry, nail trim, with eyes and ear cleaned.

Nail Clipping

Nail Clipping

Price £15

Nails are clipped as part of a full groom but can also be done as a stand alone service by appointment.

There is no reason why your cat can't become a Dandini's Cat too!

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