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Student Testimonials

Hear from past Dandini's Students to see what they think about our courses and why they chose us to help them begin a new career.....


Jenny Whitton, Paws Amore, Horesham

Dandinis is excellent! I can’t rate them high enough. Carolines knowledge and approach to teaching is exceptional. She makes sure you understand all the different techniques of safe dog grooming. Caroline and the team will push you to the best of abilities, abilities you didn’t think you had.

Dandinis training room is state of the art and provides the students with all the equipment and products needed, so when you are just starting your course you don’t need to worry about anything other than learning.

After completing a dog grooming course with a different establishment (not Dandinis) I was at a bit of a loss. I really felt I didn’t have enough knowledge to safely and successfully groom a dog to a high standard. The reason I chose this different establishment was due to distance (it wasn’t 1.5hrs away as Dandinis). Well I wish I hadn’t made that mistake and started with Caroline and her team straight away. What a difference a successful course makes! Having done a course before Dandinis really showed me how good Dandinis really is.

With Carolines support and guidance I have now opened up a successful grooming salon of my own. I feel confident in my handling (I was struggling to even clip nails when I started), and so happy that I can actually do a breed standard groom!

Dandinis team is like a big family. Everyone is really friendly and look out for each other and welcome you in with open arms. I had so much fun while learning there and I do miss everyone immensely.

Biggest thanks to Caroline, Columbya, and Sarah for all your knowledge, support, patience, and for making my dream come true.

Jenny xxxx


Sarah Logan, Paw Prints Dog Parlour, Gosport

I have recently done a course with Dandinis and I am so glad I chose them. 


I did my level 2 at college and then went on to do my level 3 training with Dandini's which was a totally different experience. I would definitely recommend doing a course here rather than college.  Don't get me wrong it is definitely much more intense but that's because they really push you to get you to a high standard because they care!  I did a few extra days with the grooming assistants which really helped my confidence and speed so that when I started in the training room I had more time to focus on styling.  I didn't have to pay any extra for these days either. 


They also offer work placement days which are just amazing as you feel like you are at work putting into practice what you have learnt but with the girls there to help if needed.  It gives you an idea of how it will be when you leave and definitely builds your confidence.


Since I have finished, I have started my own business and the girls are still always there to answer any questions I have which I never expected. You become part of the Dandini's family. The girls were the first people I wanted to show my first grooms to as I knew they would be so proud.


I am so grateful I found you guys and thankful for all your support. I so couldn't of done this without you all!

Sarah X





Leah Mullens, Muddy Paws, Southampton

When my daughters were younger, I always worked within schools so I could be at home with the girls during school holidays. Now they are older, I really wanted to retrain and do something with my love for dogs. I looked around and found Dandinis that had great reviews. I enrolled on a taster day and was lucky enough to be accepted on the course afterwards.

I found the course really tough and challenging at times but as long as you are ready to work hard and commit you will reap the rewards in the end.

The whole Dandinis team are super friendly and they all share a passion for dogs and grooming. I really can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is seriously interested in learning dog grooming to a high standard.

Dandinis is the only place you should be looking!

Thank you Caroline and all the team. You’ve not only taught me fab new skills but also to love my work again.

Thanx again,

Leah Mullen

Muddy Paws Dog Grooming 


Adrian Chester, Hedge End

I have completed the 45 day course at Dandini's and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Caroline and her training staff are so friendly and patient and they make you feel part of the Dandini's family.  Caroline is passionate about the grooming industry and does everything she can to make sure you don't just pass the course but works hard to help you become the best groomer you can possibly be. The course is hard work and there is a lot to learn but it is so worth it if you put the work in. 


What I also like about training at Dandini's is that it does not just end at the end of the course.  I am currently doing work experience in the salon which is another service they offer and it has been invaluable for further developing my new skills.  The  staff in the salon are amazing and are always happy to help and because I am also dealing with clients it has helped my confidence enormously.

Caroline is also always on the other end of the phone if I need help with a dog I am grooming at home.


For all the hours training and everything you get on this course it is definitely value for money especially when you consider what other training schools offer for the price they charge.  I can not thank Caroline and the staff at Dandinis enough for changing my life for the better


Alex Barley - Salty Paws, Chiddham

I did a huge amount of research when looking for somewhere to train and I am so glad I did.  


I was really nervous when I turned up to do my taster day but that was soon forgotten once I met the team at Dandini's, saying that "the people make the place" couldn't be truer here, and I absolutely loved it.  My work experience days eased me into the basics of grooming prep and handling and I couldn't wait to get training.  I am now nearing the end of my OCN qualifiication training, I am grooming from home with a level of enjoyment and confidence that has surprised me!  The course is intense and demanding but the quality of the support you receive from Caroline, Columbya and indeed the whole of Dandini's team is exceptional.  


Caroline also offers excellent business support from setting up, administration and equipment to customer relations.  I believe their vast wealth of knowledge, coupled with their love of the industry enable them to deliver a training experience that you will not receiev anywhere else.  


I have worked really hard to get the best out of my training but I know that I wouldn't be grooming as confidently or to the same quality if I had chosen to train elsewhere.  The only downside is not getting to see them each week now, but I know they are still there to call on for support when I need them. I think they are a truly inspirational, exceptional bunch!

dog grooming courses 1.jpeg

Yvonne Lee - The Dog House, Emsworth

"If you've ever looked at a cute, clean, well - groomed dog and thought it looked easy to do, stop. Having wanted to undertake a dramatic career change for the future, I researched training venues far and wide. Dandini's is a respectable, experienced grooming business that undertakes training to exceptional standards that pushes the City & Guilds 'envelope' far beyond the standard, 'acceptable' curriculum. Should you be a novice with no experience to a business owner needing to hone skills, I cannot but recommend Caroline @ The Training Room alongside the Dandini's team. The certified training is to a very thorough, detailed level taking you from the basics to levels beyond your initial capabilities and on a personalised, training journey depending on your needs and experiences. The ratio of staff to pupil is 1:1 or 1:2 giving personalised tuition on a daily basis while handling a wide variety of breeds, temperaments and styles that is something a college or other training centres cannot compete with. Is it challenging? Hell, yes - yet you are guided, coached, encouraged, nurtured and taught how to be an independent dog groomer under the watchful, expertise of Caroline and the team. If it's worth doing, then do it properly at The Training Room at Dandini's".


Megan Fitzgerald, Horesham

Over the past year I have been for 2 top up training days at Dandini's to boost my confidence and learn new techniques on 4 different breeds.  


Caroline is so friendly and patient and is clearly so passionate about groomers furthering their skills and knowledge.  I learnt so much and am now transferring my skills on the dogs I have in my salon.  


I wish I knew about The Training Room sooner as I would have done my qualifications here!  


Thanks again X


Kevin - Dog owner, Groom your own dog day student

I would like to just say how much I enjoyed the training day on Wednesday it turned out better than I had expected and I learnt so much through the whole process.


To be honest there was was much more to the way in which you groom a dog properly than I had expected but for me this made it more interesting.


I have been on many many courses during my working life and this course for me would be in the top two or three so that shows how enjoyable I found it and for that I thank you.Wilma looks superb in her shiny black coat and it definitely tired her out as she rested yesterday.

dog grooming courses 2.jpg

Charlene Upton, Shaggy Paws, Chichester

"I have just completed my Level 3 City and Guilds diploma at the Training room.  I achieved my Level 2 at a local college but decided to move to a private grooming school for the higher level - I definitely made the right decision!...


I have learnt so much from Caroline and the team.  The learning environment is supportive and friendly, and there are extra seminars and talks to attend if you want to.  I found the learning experience an intensive one that requires hard work, but I believe that you get out of something what you put in. I have just completed my exams and am very grateful for the ongoing support that I have recieved from Caroline.  

I would definitely recommend the Training room at Dandini's for anyone who is serious about a career in dog grooming."

dog grooming courses 5.png

Zianne Vedavato - The Empawium, Petersfield

So.... it's pretty much been exactly a year since I started training at Dandini's... and I now have my own studio and am fully booked until the middle of July and have bookings into 2019 and am loving it.  None of it would have been possible without Caroline Cogan and her fab team and all their amazing teaching and on going support.  I loved every mintue of it and cannot recommend them more highly and honestly regard them as dear friends.... Best decision I ever made!!!!


Diane Gray, The Grooming station, Fife, Scotland.

I researched different training schools throughout the UK for some time to carry out dog grooming training.  I found Dandini's and after speaking with Caroline I knew it was the right place to attend (it was also the furthest away from home, over 600 miles!... I live in Scotland). 

I was not disappointed and have no regrets with travelling the distance for the course.  The Level 3 training was second to none.  Caroline, Columbya and the team are extremely knowledgable and execute the course to an exceptionally high standard.  The course content covers absolutely everything to become a start up groomer with no previous experience.  After course completion the after care is amazing, oneof the team will always be a phone call away to support any questions you have.  Can't rate the Training room@Dandini's enough.  Thank you to all the team that helped fulfil my dream. 


Debbie Tracey - Dooley's Grooming, New forest

I picked the absolute best place to go to do my qualification, already running my own business I had to fit my days around work.  Caroline is such an inspiring lady with a big heart and so much knowledge.  Some days were not easy but I can say she wants the best out of you and for the right reasons and I was impressed how the dogs were always a priority.  We had so many laughs and I met so many lovely people to talk about dogs with and we all keep in touch.  The training here goes above anything I expected and has made me more efficient and above all a happy safe groomer.  I am 59 years old and I did this for me and I am so glad I did.  Every day is a school day!   

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you want to be a professional dog groomer with confidence, we promise you this.... You will not regret choosing The Training room at Dandini's as your training provider. 

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