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Salon Procedure

Keeping you, your dogs and our staff safe during these uncertain times

We are very lucky to have the space that we do here and due to the lay out of our premises we have been able to completely re-design the way we work.  

Not only does it allow us to follow a safe and secure one way system throughout the salon but it allowed us scope over the summer to renovate a separate new grooming space giving us overall an extra 25 square meters of floor space.  This area is utilised for our training school and during periods of stricter lockdowns where we have to close the school it can be used for our staff.  This allows for even more space to socially distance within the salon and allows our staff to work in separate bubbles.    

Please read through the following procedure which outlines our new measures and the procedure that you and your dog will follow when visiting us.


Drop-off Point : Back Entrance

(see photo)

This allows for a safe drop-off space for both you and your dog and allows us to follow a one-way system.

  • Drop off your dog to us at our NEW back entrance.

  • Ring doorbell and wait. Listen out for your groomer who will tell you when it is ok to enter.

  • Step inside, bolting the door behind you.


Handover Procedure to drop off your dog

  • Place your dog between the baby gates removing his/her collar and lead. Your groomer will be on the other side of the gates at a minimum of a 2meter distance away.

  • Your groomer will wait for you to leave then remove your dog from the pen using one of our slip-leads which is disinfected between dogs.  Our groomers will be wearing the necessary PPE and this space will be thoroughly disinfected once you have gone, ready for our next client.


Adapted salon routine (see floor plan)

  • Your dog will go from the holding pen (red area) straight in to the bath (amber area)

  • Your dog will be bathed in an area which is strictly one dog at a time.  This area and any equipment used will be disinfected before it is used again. 

  • Your dog will then be taken through to the salon (green area) where he or she will be groomed. 

  • All grooming tables and equipment used will be disinfected between dogs and your groomer will be wearing PPE to include masks and face shields. 


Collection ONLY point : Front entrance

  • We will call you 20 minutes prior to your dog being ready.  We will give you a specific time to collect your dog.

  • Come to the shop reception area to collect your dog. 

  • Bolt the door behind you on entry.

  • Your dog will be released in to the reception area, again no contact with staff necessary - Please don't forget your collar and lead!

  • Payment can be taken over the phone or using our contactless machine.  

  • Anti-viral spray and pet wipes for your dog will be available on the counter for use.

  • Hand sanitiser on counter for clients to use

  • Reception area is disinfected between clients to include all door knobs and bolts

These measures allow us to safeguard against the chance of Covid-19 being carried on a dog’s coat, to ensure social distancing and to reduce the numbers of clients coming to any one entry point.  We have staggered our timings to minimize any client over-lap however for this to be ensured appointment times MUST be adhered to.  For us to be able to follow all of the guidelines set out to us by CFSG (Canine and Feline sector group) prompt arrival and pick up is more important than ever so we would really appreciate your understanding that at this time we will not be able to accommodate anyone running late.  Unfortunately, if you are late we may have to refuse to groom your pet.  We will need all clients to sign our new Covid-19 terms and conditions which will be sent out for signing before your appointment.

We would really appreciate your support in helping us stick to these guidelines by respecting the distancing when dealing with our staff and by turning up to drop off and collect on time. It really is vital that these measures are upheld for us to be able to operate safely and so that we can carry on grooming your pets keeping them clean, healthy and happy …... Thank you

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